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Future without PEI McCain plant pondered by supplying potato farmers

Future without PEI McCain plant pondered by supplying potato farmers
October 6, 2014
Farmers who grow potatoes for McCain are wondering where their crop will go after the McCain plant on Prince Edward Island shuts down.

Twenty-three farmers currently sell to the P.E.I. plant, which is closing at the end of the month. Their contracts with McCain for this year will be honoured, but the future is uncertain.

Barry Green sells to McCain and is part of the processing council currently in talks with the company. Green said they are hoping for a commitment that the company will keep buying P.E.I. potatoes for its plants on the mainland.

"They need to have a presence here on P.E.I. because no one is going to grow potatoes on the open market, it's too costly, just on the hope that they're going to buy a few next year," said Green.

"We can't afford to do that. So that's the point we're pushing to them."

The P.E.I. Potato Board and McCain say they are continuing to discuss the situation.
Companies in this Article
McCain Foods (Canada) is a division of McCain Foods Limited, an international leader in the frozen food industry and the world’s largest processor of French fries and specialty potato products.
On August 7, 2014, McCain Foods Canada announced that its Borden Carleton facility would be closed as of October 31, 2014
The Prince Edward Island Potato Board is looking after the interests of the potato industry on Prince Edward Island.