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  • Istanbul to Host Starch World Mideast - a Premier Forum on Starch Derivatives
Istanbul to Host Starch World Mideast - a Premier Forum on Starch Derivatives
October 06, 2014

Against the backdrop of Middle East being the highest F&B growth area and a big market for halal products, the summit kick-starts with a 'Global overview of the sugar economy, trade and how this impacts the markets for starch-based sweeteners in the Mideast region' by Simon Bentley of LMC International Ltd. This is followed by a session on 'Regional Starch & sweetener Markets Outlook' by Nedim Elcheik of Cargill Tarim Ve Gida San. Tic. A.S.

Audience can also look forward to perspectives on 'Turkish Sweeteners Market and Turkish Sugar And Corn Syrups' by Sunar Misir, 'Turkey Growing Textiles Industry and Applications of Starch Comparing Potato, Corn and Tapioca' by Bagimsiz calisan and 'Modified Starch Industry in the Indian Market' by Karandikars Cashell Private Limited.

Other key sessions include:

  • Formulating Halal products using starch based gelling agents -- AVEBE Group (HQ)
  • Mobile Processing Units from DADTCO and Applications in African Beer -- Dadtco
  • EU policy developments impacting starch producers -- AAF- Association des Amidonniers et Feculiers (European Starch Industry Association)
  • Tapioca Starch Production and Applications Especially for Paper and Corrugated Board -- Agro Anatolia Gida Tarim San. ve Tic. A.S.
  • Analyzing Starch from all Plant-Based Ingredients & Their Utilization as Texturizing Systems in Food Applications -- McCormick & Company, Inc
  • Cultivation of Barley in North Africa & Mideast and its Potential as a Source of Starch for Food and Industrial Applications -- International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Area
  • Introduction of Stevia A Natural Non Caloric Sweetener to Turkey -- Akdeniz University
  • Increasing the starch percentage in Potato and Corn with best agriculture practices and applications -- Nadec
  • Clean Label for Starch Manufacturing Including New Trends and Academic Research -- McCormick & Company, Inc
  • Enzyme innovations in the starch industry: LpHera, Novozymes new low pH Alpha Amylase -- Novozymes A/S
  • Advanced Technology Processing Grain Into Starch, Protein and Fermentation Products Considering Specifically By-Products -- Cemsan Dis Tic A.S.
  • Applications and Future Demand for Modified Starch In Paper Making -- Caran Kimya

Visit the conference website or contact Ms. Huiyan at +65-6346-9113 for more details.

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