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Mooij Agro reveals the Croptimiz-r storage computer with personalized store overview at Interpom | Primeurs

Reveal of the Croptimiz-r at the opening of Interpom | Primeurs in Kortrijk, Belgium

Reveal of the Mooij Agro Croptimiz-r storage computer at the opening of Interpom | Primeurs in Kortrijk, Belgium

November 23, 2014
With the introduction of the Croptimiz-r storage computer Mooij Agro makes it possible to optimize your storage results. On the Touch-screen a personalized overview of the storage(s) is displayed. This not only improves the overview, but also the intuitive operation and the information exchange. All the important information at a glance!

Ease of use has been the central issue in the development of the Croptimiz-r storage computer. You can easily load a drawing or (aerial) photograph of your own store(s) in the storage computer. You can create multiple views of each cell. You can drag the symbols and widgets to the correct position yourself. Of course, you can also start directly with the standard preset screens.

Mooij Agro Croptimiz-r

The development of the Croptimiz-r storage computer has taken two years. Thanks to the broad utilization within the Hotraco Group it was possible to develop a completely new control platform.

The Croptimiz-r is the new User Interface for CAN-bus systems with different input and output boards. The proven reliability of the Orion storage computer is retrieved in the Croptimiz-r.

Moments ago, at the opening of the Interpom in Kortrijk, Belgium the exclusive reveal took place.

Come to stand no, 173 on this exhibition for a hands-on demonstration.

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Mooij Agro is a globally operating company, that develops and produces innovative ventilation techniques for growers and store managers for their various types of arable crops, including potatoes