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  • Potato starch and chips factories to open next year in Mongolia
Potato field in Mongolia (Tuv province)
In Mongolia, Tuv Province’s Jargalant soum is set to launch potato starch and chips factories next year to reduce waste and increase profit in the region.

Small potatoes, which are disposed of without use, will be used for both productions, while the factories will also decrease financial risks at times when potato prices plummet.

The Office of the Tuv Province Governor issued 150 million MNT for the pre-feasibility studies and the factories are planned to launch operation before harvesting season, next fall.

Mongolia imports approximately 4,000 tons of potato starch, mainly used in tailoring factories, per year according to an unofficial customs report. The new factories are expected to produce approximately 2,000 tons of starch, which will meet half of the nation’s domestic demand.

Ts.Tuvaan, Deputy Minister of Industry and Agriculture, also highlighted possibilities to export potato starch to China during his visit to the province.

The factories will not only use waste small potatoes from Jargalant soum, but also those from Sumber, Bornuur and Ugtaaltsaidam soums in Tuv Province.