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KleenFlex and KleenCoat: Heat and Control introduces new materials to improve processing and packing

KleenFlex and KleenCoat: Heat and Control introduces new materials to improve processing and packing
February 25, 2015
Heat and Control introduces two new materials that can make life easier for potato and snack processing companies: KleenCoatTM and KleenFlexTM

KleenCoatTM: Non-stick coating ends seasoning build-up

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KleenCoat prevents seasoning build-up on weighers and conveyor pans

Harder than steel and FDA compliant, KleenCoatTM enhances stainless steel product contact surfaces of with a non-stick sanitary finish that reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

KleenCoat is proven to reduce seasoning accumulation and unexpected cleaning downtime in snack food applications. It also protects against bacterial and fungal contamination.

The KleenCoat coating is available for snack food applications from Heat and Control on new Ishida multihead weighers, conveyor pans, and new replacement parts.

KleenFlexTM: Metal detectable, flexible plastic, safe for food

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KleenFlex on weigher

KleenFlexTM is a thin flexible plastic that is metal detectable and FDA/USDA approved for contact with food.

More durable than similar materials, KleenFlex is also resistant to many food industry chemicals. Its blue color contrasts with most foods and is easily identifiable.

Use KleenFlex for product flow control skirts on weighers and conveyors, flexible partitions and shielding, and as an impact-dampening liner to protect delicate foods. Seams can be smooth welded to eliminate unsanitary glued overlaps.

For details, contact Heat and Control at +1 800 227 5980 or by e-mail at info@heatandcontrol.com.
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Heat and Control is an international manufacturer of equipment with over sixty-five years’ experience and expertise in the potato processing industry.
Ishida manufactures Weighing, Packaging and Inspection Systems. In North America Ishida is represented by Heat and Control.