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Metal object found in mashed potatoes in Halifax restaurant

A metal object was found in mashed potatoes in a Halifax, NS restaurant

The discovery of needles and nails in potatoes in a suspected case of food tampering earlier this year in Atlantic Canada have heightened the awareness of consumers and media alike.

The latest case, reported by CBC Nova Scotia, is the finding of metal object in mashed potatoes in a Halifax restaurant:

A Nova Scotia woman says she found a nasty surprise in an order of mashed potatoes in a Halifax restaurant on Friday night.

Melissa Warner was dining with her boyfriend at Bubba Ray's Too on Bayers Road when she bit down and chipped her tooth on a metal object she says looked like a pin or the tip of something metal.

"A chipped tooth can be fixed and gums can heal, I'm just grateful I didn't swallow it," she said.

Warner alerted the manager of Bubba Ray's, who confirmed Warner found the metal piece. He says the object was about the diameter of a thin finishing nail, and about a centimetre in length.

The staff at Bubba Ray's checked all of their equipment to see if anything had broken off a kitchen implement but found no issues.

The restaurant still has the metal object and the manager says he plans to call the RCMP.

He says he's sent an email to the restaurant's supplier to find out exactly where the potatoes came from, but he says their mashed potato recipe contains other ingredients and it's possible the potato many not have been the source of the metal.