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A new centrifuge for 'Amica Chips'

A new centrifuge for "Amica Chips"

Amica's low fat potato chips Eldorada.

October 21, 2015
Amica Chips is a leading chips brand in Italy, with a turnover of 80 million euro and export to over 20 countries.

The history of Amica Chips has always been focused on quality research, from the selection of ingredients up to the production process. Thanks to this philosophy, Amica Chips is become nowadays one of the major international players in the chips and snacks business.

When the company from Mantova (Italy) decided to produce even more healthy and digestible chips, they contacted the Turatti Group. With a decades long experience in food and tubers processing, Turatti has developed an innovative system called Nextra Plus. By using such revolutionary equipment, the company is able to reduce the residual oil in the potato chips substantially and as a consequence the final product results more tasty and healthy.

The Nextra Plus model is an advanced version of Turatti's well-known spin dryer, a common dewatering system for the fresh-cut industry, which guarantees both reliability and a hygienic design.

The system has been designed and manufactured having in mind the most accurate and current hygienic criteria for an easy cleaning and maintenance operation.

The Nextra Plus system offers computerized control of all the main parameters, optimizing the process and drastically reducing energy consumption.

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Amica Eldorada commercial (in Italian)

Companies in this Article
Amica Chips is an Italian manufacturer of chips and snacks
Turatti is an Italian manufacturer of equipment for the food processing industry - including equipment to process produce and potatoes.