New Weighing, Bagging and Stitching System available from Herbert

Themis Single Head Weighing System with Retribution Stitcher System now available from Herbert Engineering

A new high speed automated bagging solution is now available from Herbert.

This latest offering gives growers a range of bagging equipment that is backed up by Herbert quality support. The high-speed solution includes a single head weighing system called Themis and Stitcher System known as Retribution.

As growers seek alternative markets for their produce into the chip trade and wholesale market the Themis and Retribution offered by Herbert gives growers the confidence to get more value from their produce.


The electronically controlled single head weighing system known as Themis is designed to handle large tubers and the special design gripper ensures high speed filling into the bag. The standard Themis allows for quick and easy bag changes. It is designed for easy adjustment and simple program changes with a user-friendly control system. The use of standard component parts allows for trouble free maintenance and low cost servicing.


To compliment the heavy duty Themis is the Retribution Stitcher System. One of the big benefits on the Retribution is the Absolute Bag Control (ABC) that ensures the bag is properly aligned prior to stitching giving a level and even stitch and continuous even flow to provide a good quality presentation finish. Its heavy-duty build quality ensures it is especially designed to deal with large tubers that often cause the bag to become unstable causing operation problems.