With SmartStor™ you can take your potato store with you

Now you can monitor and control your Crop Systems potato store with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere - using SmartStor™

Crop Systems Ltd is launching SmartStor™, a cost effective crop store control system that that enables users to monitor and manage their stores via their smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

SmartStor™ is based on years of software design and storage experience. It can easily replace any make of controller giving a “new” brain to manage your existing older storage equipment.

The system offers 24/7 peace of mind by continually monitoring all aspects of the store and issuing alarms to users if anything goes outside pre-selected parameters.

See SmartStor™ at its introduction by Crop Systems Limited at British Potatoes 2015

Operators can log into the store and apply appropriate changes remotely as if they were in the store, or arrange human intervention to solve the problem.

With the majority of new stores now being fitted with solar panels, and monitoring of ambient conditions, SmartStor™ helps optimise the efficiency how energy is used to reduce mains electricity use. The system enables energy produced on one store to be transferred to manage adjoining stores.

The system offers a “Lone Worker Alarm” via a swipe card or keyed entry system. This will issue an alert if any the worker fails to ‘log out’ from the store within a given time, and trigger a visual alarm on site.

A new piece of software called “CO2 Accumulator” tracks store air quality with a view to solving some of the long term issues in storage.

Ray Andrews, from Crop Systems Limited:

“Our new system offers operators total control of their stores from their pocket, and manages and logs all store visits of users, this increases awareness in the unlikely event that store visits have been missed.”

“Store managers will have complete peace of mind because they will know their crops are being stored in optimum conditions, and the store itself is operating as cost efficiently whilst reducing financial risks. If storage equipment fails, the system will give you the information to take control before crop quality is compromised.”

The system generates automatic reports daily to email or text to all users showing current status of temperatures and equipment status.

It comes with a 3 year warranty (which includes sensors) also offers full data recording and graphing which can also be examined remotely. Apart from the internet charge there are no other costs or subscriptions needed to use the service.