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Tim Reardon, tna's Processing Group Solutions Manager for the Americas
Leading packaging and processing solutions provider, tna, announces the appointment of Tim Reardon as its new group solutions manager – processing for the Americas.

Based at FOODesign’s North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Tim will head up the groups’ processing solutions across the region.

These solutions include patented processing technology from FOODesign and Florigo, both tna companies.

Specialising in FOODesign’s portfolio of processing equipment, such as the batch-pro® 12 series of cookers and fryers, the immerso-cook® 16 continuous frying system and the cryo-jet® 5 ambient air cooling system,

Tim will support sales teams as they provide customers a complete line of start-to-finish solutions.

Educated in mechanical engineering at Gonzaga University, Washington, Tim brings over 25 years’ experience in the engineering and food industries, as well as sales, marketing and product development expertise. While working in a wide range of industrial and food processing roles, Tim successfully spearheaded a number of sales and marketing campaigns, providing the ideal experience for his position as processing specialist for the Americas.

Tim Reardon:

“I’m very excited to be joining the tna team. This new role will enable me to apply my expertise in sales, marketing and product development to help the company expand its reach in the South and North American food processing equipment market, and to better serve our loyal customers.”
Michael Green, managing director at tna:

“We’re really pleased to welcome Tim to the team. With his broad range of skills and impressive track record, Tim’s credibility as a candidate shone through and we’re sure he will be a great asset to help support our existing customer base and develop strong relationships across the Americas.”