Wisconsin Badger CommonTater now available online

Badger Common’Tater, a leading source of news, education and highlights of the Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable industry is now available online.

Badger Common’Tater, a leading source of news, education and highlights of Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable industry is now available online in a flip style format.

Starting with the April 2015 issue, Badger Common’Tater morphed into a more engaging and entertaining experience by offering an online magazine format, identical in content to their print format, but offering all the bells and whistles of the digital world.

Badger Common’Tater, the voice of the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Association (WPVGA), is mailed to commercial potato and vegetable growers in Wisconsin along with leading growers in 50 other states and eight foreign countries.

This is the fourth online magazine that Ruth Faivre, Managing Editor of Badger Common’Tater, has launched, her second one in the agricultural world with the other two involving the model railroad world and places, people and things of interest throughout Wisconsin.

Faivre took over the magazine in March 2015 following the promotion of former managing editor, Tamas Houlihan, to Executive Director of WPVGA.

According to Faivre, “New technologies have always fascinated me. Back in 1990, I published Midwest Buyers Guide, my own car/truck/equipment trader magazine with 30,000 circulation covering Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and southern Wisconsin, which was the first trader magazine to utilize digital cameras with picture playback capabilities.”

Faivre explains further, “I worked directly with Canon to develop digital imagery to facilitate electronic layouts and digital print production, eliminating costly PMT print production/manual layouts.”

Badger Common’Tater’s readers also include members of the University of Wisconsin Agricultural Department, UW Extension System, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and WPVGA Associate membership from related industries.

Badger Common’Tater focuses on in-depth monthly interviews with industry experts, articles by top UW research scientists, current potato research findings, promotion/marketing efforts; potato association news, people and events; legislative impact reports and latest trends, technology, methods and equipment in the areas of planting, harvesting, handling, packaging, processing, storage and more.

Current issues online can be found at:

Subscribing to the new online format is free and easy. Simply type in your name and email address on the subscription page: http://wisconsinpotatoes.com/blog-news/subscribe and you will receive a notice when each monthly online format is ready to read, copy, print, share on social media and click on links to your heart’s content.