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  • FAM to sell Optiserve's Glide defect cutter for potato strips in a worldwide exclusive agreement
FAM to sell Optiserve's Glide defect cutter in worldwide exclusive agreement

The 'Glide' by Optiserve cuts defects from raw potato strips. Optiserve has granted industrial cutting specialist FAM worldwide exclusivity to market and sell this intelligent cutter.

Dutch industrial equipment manufacturer Optiserve has granted worldwide exclusivity to FAM - European market leader in industrial cutting solutions - for the sale of its Glide defect cutter.

The Glide is a unit that automatically cuts defects from raw potato strips destined for the production of french fries. OptiServe is selling this cutting machine with success for about 4 years. Optiserve describes this to the fact that the Glide is easy to work with and has an attractive return on Investment. According to Optiserve, the world of processing equipment has noticed that this machine has been accepted by processors of French fries all over the world.

FAM nv, established in Kontich Belgium, has received positive feedback from the market about Glide as well and sees this ‘spot cutter’ as an added value for their extensive product range of industrial cutting solutions.

Guy Baeten, Strategic and Business Development Manager at FAM nv:

“FAM nv manufactures cutting machines for cutting potatoes to slices, dices and French fries. Cutting potatoes is a very accurate and important part of the process to a perfect end product.”

“FAM desires to help her customers with the best cutting solutions and Glide, with its entire frame of stainless steel, completes the product range of a specialist in potato cutting machines. Apart from cutting defects from French fries, the Glide has applications in other markets”.

Vincent Kuijten, Sales Manager at OptiServe BV is very excited:

“This is truly fantastic! It is a big compliment for us that companies like FAM see such abilities in our product, because the FAM machines are distinguishing their selves world wide as technical, most functional and finest solutions!”

“This says something about where OptiServe stands with our innovative mindset and practical performance, really wonderful!"

Vincent explains that Optiserve has been spending a lot of energy to turn the Glide into an even more professional machine.

Vincent Kuijten:

“The Glide has been improved with better knives, a better transport of the product through the machine and we have worked on the ‘Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Machinery Directive’ as well.

The fact that FAM is going to sell the Glide worldwide, allows Optiserve to focus on their optical sorting machines.

Vincent Kuijten:

“This gives us the opportunity to focus on the optical sorting machines , the ‘Xcalibur‘ in particular, our biggest innovation.”

“This does not mean that OptiServe is throwing this machine [the 'Glide'] completely overboard, because when questions appear about Glide and Turn Key projects, customers can still ask me!”

Do not hesitate to contact Optiserve for any further questions.

Optiserve and FAM are present at Interpom | Primeurs 2016

Both Optiserve and FAM are present at Interpom | Primeurs 2016 in Kortrijk, Belgium.
  • Optiserve BV can be found in Hall 1, Stand 1122
  • FAM / Stumabo can be found in Hall 1, Stand 199