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Halloween Fries by McDonald's Japan, what are they like?

Halloween Fries by McDonald's Japan, what are they like?

McDonald's Halloween Choco Potato Fries...

October 25, 2016
For those who can’t get enough of pumpkin-flavored treats during Halloween, McDonald’s Japan is offering french fries covered in pumpkin and chocolate sauce.

The fast-food chain came up with the “Halloween Choco Potato” to mark its 45th anniversary in Japan, where trick or treaters enjoy pumpkin-spiced food and beverages to celebrate the October holiday.

“The flavors of pumpkin and chocolate went unexpectedly well and it was quite tasty,” Ayano Ishikama, 22, said after sampling the fries at one of the chain’s restaurants in Tokyo.

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McDonald's Japan have released Choco Potato, french fries topped with chocolate sauce to celebrate 45 years on McDonald's in Japan. See how they fair in this taste test.

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