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Mooij Agro provides a breath of fresh air at Interpom | Primeurs with its EC Axial 1000 fan

Close-up view of Mooij Agro's EC Axial 1000 fan, featuring 6 aluminium blades and a motor with a capacity of no less than 5,2 kW.

Mooij Agro never sits still when it comes to the development of new products and innovations in the field of ventilation technique. Questions from the field ensure that Mooij Agro stays focused and responds to the customer demands.

For instance the increasing number of requests for larger EC Axial flow fans, for both the potato as well as for the onion storages, led to the fact that Mooij Agro developed a new and larger EC fan in cooperation with Klima.

At the Interpom | Primeurs trade show, which will be held on November 27, 28 and 29 next at Kortrijk Xpo in Belgium, Mooij Agro shows you this refreshing new product in the field of ventilation: The EC Axial 1000.

This EC Axial 1000 fan, provided with an impeller with 6 aluminium blades, provides a lot of air at a low noise value.

For onion storages, this fan produces 42.120 m3 air per hour. For potato storages the amount of air produced is even higher, being 47.700 m3 of air per hour and that at a power input of the motor of only 5,2 kW!

The EC Axial 1000 fan, prior to installation

The EC Axial 1000 fan is also provided with a built-in fan speed control.

Because of its low energy consumption, this new EC Axial 1000 fan is very suitable for those storage projects where energy saving is an issue and for which a subsidy is given.

You can find Mooij Agro at Interpom | Primeurs in booth 159 where you can experience the power of this fan yourself.

Mooij Agro also shows you their Croptimiz-r storage computer which, in combination with the PC Program and the App, provides you with a constant view on your storage conditions, no matter where you are!

A series of Mooij Agro EC Axial 1000 fans installed in a potato storage