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  • Potato Europe 2016: Grimme to present many practical improvements of its planting, harvesting and handling technology.
Potato Europe 2016: Grimme to present many practical improvements of its planting, harvesting and handling technology.

Aerial view of Potato Europe 2012, last time the event was held in France

Agricultural Machinery manufacturer Grimme will present at the Potato Europe in France several practical improvements of its planting, harvesting and handling technology.

Starting with the new generation of self-propelled harvester, the 354 HP strong 2-row potato harvester VARITRON 270 Platinum with 7 tonne NonstopBunker and ground protecting rubber tracks. More comfort, less consumption but higher yields and improved gentle crop handling at the same time was the topic for the major revision of the VARITRON 270 Platinum.

The 2-row potato harvesters SE 260 and SV 260 will also be demonstrating with the 5.5 tonne NonstopBunker. The new disc coulter intake unit TerraDisc without diablo rollers is fitted to the SV 260, which realizes especially in heavier soils a higher sieving output.

The proven TerraControl digging depth adjustment is fitted to the SE 260, which ensures also in changing conditions an optimum sieving output and high gentle crop handling at the same time. The optional equipment TerraDisc and TerraControl is available for both, the SE 260 and also the SV 260.

ComfortDrive guarantees always smooth running of the SV 260, which makes it easier for the picking personal and in addition make an increase of the digging speed of up to 30 % possible.

The option TerraControl is also fitted to the 3-row elevator harvester GT 300, which realizes up to 50 % more output in one go compared to the 2-row elevator harvester. A joystick is available as an option, which allows a simple and comfortable machine control same as at the self-propelled harvesters.

With the handling equipment, Grimme put the main focus onto the optimization of the logistic. The use of the tandem hopper reduces the unloading time by up to 75 %. Thus increases the output capacity of the storage line significantly.

The feature of the following Receiving hopper RH 24-60 Combi is the unique double stage stone and clod separating system. The multistage fitted rollers use the different physical characteristics of clods, stones and potatoes to reach a maximum separating quality.

The 16 m Store loader is equipped with the Quantum system which ensures a constant low transfer height and an optimum crop flow.

On exhibition are the 8-row foldable rotary hiller GF 800 with XL shaping board and the 8-row foldable potato planter GL 860 Compacta with EU conform tank system. Also showing the Clod Separator CS 150 Combi Star XL with patented RotaPower shaft for up to 15 % higher sieving output and visible enlarged sieving area, which is especially interesting for customer struggling with high stone and clods content.