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Potato exporters from Algeria stuck for days at the Tunisian border

Road sign in Tebessa (Algeria) providing directions to the border crossing with Tunisia in Bouchebka (Courtesy: Panoramio)

Algerian potato exporters are still having trouble at the border crossing Tebessa between Algeria and Tunisia. Tunisian customs do not allow trucks carrying tons of potatoes to enter Tunisia although all the legal procedures are completed.

The exporters have been waiting at the border crossing for four days. Then, they received the go-ahead to go to Libya after the potatoes had been meticulously checked.

Algeria and Tunisia signed an agreement as part of the Arab Trade Organization. Yet, Tunisian authorities reject Algerian agricultural products and Algiers did not react.

Exporters told Echorouk the [frying] color of their potatoes changed because Tunisian authorities take a long time to deliver documents to operators. They called on Algerian authorities to intervene and put an end to this issue. Their products may be damaged as they have been waiting for four days under the sun.