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Srebreničanka, the only French fry factory in the territory of the former Yugoslavia,

The Srebreničanka french fry factory in Srebrenica is the only French fry factory in the territory of the former Yugoslavia

Srebreničanka, the only French fry factory in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, is a witness that Srebrenica is a rich economic area.

The factory currently employs 15 people, mostly from Srebrenica and Bratunac.

French fries, the only product of Srebreničanka, is not on the market yet because the owning structure is waiting for a working permit.

French fries factory Srebreničanka consists of four parts: storage, production plant, packaging unit and deep freezing compartment. It currently employs 15 workers and when the capacities are expanded the factory is expected to hire another 35 workers.

Head of the production plant Osman Agić says that potatoes grown in Srebrenica and Bratunac are used for making French fries, but that one part of potatoes is also purchased from outside of the area.

The French fries are packed in one kilogram packages and two tons of finished product are produced every hour.

Head of the production plant says that the factory offers opportunity for employment of young people from the municipalities of Bratunac and Srebrenica, and that the locals were very satisfied when the factory was opened.

Osman Agić:

“When the factory opened, there were many positive comments about how people could not wait to have a place where they can work.”

“A factory is an abstract noun for this area of the Eastern Bosnia, because several years ago Srebrenica was completely demolished.”

“I moved from Rogatica to Sarajevo and then my job took me to Srebrenica, where I am having a great time now and this is the place where I found peace.”

“Other workers are also mostly from Srebrenica and Bratunac, and this is the only French fried factory at the territory of the former Yugoslavia.”

Osman Agić says that Azerbaijanis, who are now owners of one half of the factory, expressed interest in this investment prior to the construction of the factory.

Osman Agić:

“There is capital of domestic investors and investors from Azerbaijan. The factory was worth around seven million BAM, and after people from Srebrenica suggested to the foreign investors to build one such factory, they agreed with the business plan and launched the implementation and construction right away.”

“This is still a test stage and test production, and we are currently expecting a working permit after which our French fries will be on the market. People from Azerbaijan visit the production plants all the time and observe the progress of the factory.”