Heat and Control will once again be at INTERPACK 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The Heat and Control booth for this year’s Interpack show in Dusseldorf, Germany.
You can find Heat and Control in Hall 15, Booth D03

This year will see the launch of the newly released FastBack 260E G3 cartridge system and the integrated Spray Dynamics ‘Slurry On Demand’ Continuous mixing system and WeighBack.

To further enhance these actual equipment systems, you will be able to experience a working HeatWave® fryer by Heat and Control via Augmented Reality.

Experience how Heat and Control’s unique HeatWave Fryer operates by visualising animated 3D models of the equipment via the new Heat and Control Augmented Reality (AR) app.

Download the Heat and Control Augmented reality app

Augmented reality uses technology to superimpose information on the world we see by overlaying digital content on top of real life images, using the camera in your phone or tablet.

The Heat and Control app uses a drawing of the HeatWave Fryer that acts as a trigger point to view the animation. All you need to do is download the Heat and Control AR app and point your device at this image of the HeatWave Fryer and a 3D model of the fryer appears. You can see how the HeatWave Fryer cooks product from 360 degrees as you move around the image, allowing you to see all sides and angles of the fryer.

The Heat and Control AR app allows the user to open and close the fryer by tapping on the screen prompts, and be able to run product through the fryer. This will involve an animation of food product (nuts) moving along the conveyor belt and oil flowing in curtains over the product.

The development of the app will allow Heat and Control to interact with their customers on a new and exciting level, by providing technology that will give food manufacturers a different avenue to view and experience equipment in an animated 3D environment.

Bobby Kane, Heat and Control Sales Manager:

“Given the size and sophisticated nature of a lot of our equipment, like the HeatWave Fryer, it can be a logistical nightmare to have large pieces of equipment of tradeshow booths for our customers to see.”

“The Heat and Control AR app now allows customers to accurately view and see how equipment such as the HeatWave Fryer operates, simply by using their phone or any mobile device anywhere in the world.”
The HeatWave snack frying system efficiently fry nuts, pellets, Namkeen and other snacks using less oil than conventional fryers by a proven breakthrough design that cooks snacks using curtains of clean filtered oil instead of submersion.

The Heat and Control HeatWave® frying system

We will have product experts from across the globe coming to Interpack, where they will be able to show you the IN’s and OUT’s of our extensive product range.


E-FLO Electroporation system – making your potato chips and French fries healthier. Our product experts will be able to the explain what Electroporation is, how it works, and why all snack processors should invest in this equipment.

E-FLO Electroporation system by Heat and Control

We will also launch a NEW control system by Heat and Control. This control system is bigger, brighter and so much easier for the processor to use. The newly developed screen, with clearer and more specific icons will show you immediately if something needs your attention, or for example, when a product changeover is required.

TEST YOUR PRODUCT: If you want to test your product, then we can arrange this too in any one of our 9 technical facilities across the globe. Try a selection of the latest processing, seasoning, coating, product handling, packaging and inspection technologies in one of our demonstration centres.