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Potato Machine Manufacturer AVR highlights Crop Handling & Storage Equipment Options

Potato Machine Manufacturer AVR highlights Crop Handling & Storage Equipment Options

The side panel of the AVR Falcon receiving hopper can be fitted with LED Lighting

Following a first smooth crop handling & storage season, in which potato machine manufacturer AVR launched the new Falcon receiving hopper and the Cobra store loader, they explain a number of options for the crop handling & storage equipment in more detail.

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Video from 2016 introducing the Falcon receiving hopper and the Cobra store loader

Useful Options for the Falcon Receiving Hopper

Speed Clean Option

The user can activate the Speed Clean option to clean the PU spiral roller set by setting them to the boost position. The extremely high rotation speed removes soil residue. A safety cover provides protection against any flying debris. This option can be activated at the push of a button or with an automatic timed setting or combined with an automatic stop function.

Adjustable Discharge Belt Narrowing Option

The discharge belts on the Falcon are all 80 cm wide. If narrower conveyer belts (often 65 cm) are positioned behind the discharge belt, the filling hopper may be too narrow and cause spillage. By installing this simple slide system, the flow of product or soil can be narrowed down in order to prevent spillage. The slide is continuously adjustable and narrows the belt down to approx. max. 60 cm. The slide can easily be dismantled.

Drive-in Lighting and Sliding Sensors for Tilt Detection Option

The side panels can be fitted with LED lighting. This lighting not only makes the bunker more visible when driving into a barn in the dark so that it is easier to drive in between the side panels, but it also switches off when the tilt unit has come far enough. The purpose of the design is to prevent damage by the driver. Depending on the length of the overhang of the tilt unit, the lighting sensor can be adjusted on the slide rail.

Useful Options for the Cobra Store loader

Feed Belt Option

The additional feed belt between the duo belt and the store loader reduces the drop height (from every belt position) of the product flow, guaranteeing a soft landing for the potatoes.

Additional feedbelt between the duo belt and the storeloader

The product feed can be slowed down gradually from the duo belt towards the store loader in order to build up a thicker layer of product on the store loader belt. Slowing the product down prevents product damage. When the product arrives onto a full belt, it does not start to roll too fast. It immediately comes to a standstill, making it even more product-friendly. There is also the additional advantage that a full belt ensures an improved and more constant discharge when emptying the store loader.

Additive spray equipment (powder/Mafex) can be used more efficiently by fitting it at the point of transition (improved product coverage), and is more accessible (e.g. for replenishing) compared to when this is fitted halfway up the rising conveyor belt.
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