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A safer and more efficient solution for box storage: the Mooij Climbing Airbag

Graphic representation of the working principle of the Mooij Climbing Airbag in a box storage.

Potato Storage Specialist Mooij Agro presents its latest innovation for box storage: the Mooij Climbing Airbag.

The Mooij Climbing Airbag is a stand alone, inflatable, vertical Climbing Airbag designed for box storages of crops, to seal the vertical ducts between the rows of boxes.

This product is developed in response to the market that requires a simple and safe solution for the vertical sealing of ducts. Up till now, often two or more men are needed to mount the vertical airbags. This does not only require a lot of manpower and time, but one must also work at often unsafe heights. The Mooij Climbing Airbag is designed in such a way, that a single person can easily and quickly install or remove the Climbing Airbag, while staying on the ground.

The currently existing vertical airbags need to be mounted at height onto the boxes or onto the horizontal Airbag. This newly designed stand-alone Climbing Airbag is to be filled with air from the ground, until the desired height is reached and the duct is sealed. When a number of stacks of boxes need to be removed, the Climbing Airbag can simply be deflated and can easily be moved to a new position, where it can be filled with air again. This takes only a few precious minutes.

When developing this new product, it was very important that the Climbing Airbag is made out of extremely solid and durable material, while it is still flexible and well manageable. It must be possible to regularly fill and deflate the Climbing Airbag while no damage occurs to the material by, for example, splinters from the wood of the boxes.

Therefore, an ingeniously designed guided item is attached to the inside of the Climbing Airbag which makes sure that it will roll out from the inside and will be rolled up inwards again.

Advantages of the Mooij Climbing Airbag

  • Cost saving: can be mounted by a single person, in just a few minutes.
  • Security: no work to be carried out on at unsafe heights.
  • Efficiency: perfect sealing of the vertical ducts.
  • Quality: made out of solid and thick material for frequent use.

For more information, please contact Dave Houben by phone at +31773275060 or by email or visit