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Dutch tank construction company GPI develops a batter mixing system in cooperation with Kiremko

The various unit operations of the batter mixing system can be identified in this picture during the manufacturing at GPI

GPI - a Dutch producer of stainless steel Tanks and Process Equipment for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries - has designed and built a complete batter mixing installation for Kiremko. GPI and Kiremko have a strategic working relation for over 15 years.

This installation can produce liquid batter for the coating of French fries.

This liquid batter will be applied using an applicator built by Kiremko Food Processing Equipment. The potato strips will be covered in a thin layer before they are par-fried in the fryer.

This ‘battering’ or ‘coating’ of the strips is done to give the French fries certain additional properties. Properties like the ‘bite’ (crispness), the color, the taste or just making sure they stay warm longer.

The french fry line this batter mixing system will become part of is a large industrial production line capable of a producing 10,000-20,000 kg of French fries per hour.

The GPI batter mixing system

The GPI batter line is a system which fully automatically prepares a coating on a continuous basis.

Using a weighing system, a batch coating is continuously prepared. Any unused batter is cooled and cleaned before reuse.

Temperature and viscosity of the batter are constantly measured and adjusted as necessary.

The batterline consists of a number of components:
  • A powder deposit, 20 kg bags are deposited in a bin;
  • A powder conveyor system to the powder hoppers;
  • A mixer in which the powder is mixed with water;
  • Two buffer tanks where the coating fluid is stored and treated;
  • Various pumps and piping works for the pumping of the batter;
  • A circulation tank from which the liquid batter is being pumped through coolers to the applicator where is applied to the French fries right before the fryer .
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Various parts of the batter mixing system

The entire line is finished so as to be food grade, with hygienic components and weld finishes.

The batter line can be used in industrial-scale coating lines for use in, for example, the potato processing industry and is already being used by leading companies in this market.