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Avebe's Etenia potato starch derivate gets its own factory

Aeriel view of Avebe's Ter Apelkanaal facilities

Demand for Etenia is strong. This potato starch derivative is now being produced at the Avebe food processing plant in Ter Apelkanaal, using a line on which also other starch derivatives are produced.

Due to the growing demand for this innovative product, there was no longer efficient room, so a solution was needed.

It was found in the expansion of the former Minerale-Lactaten-Fabriek (MILP), a few steps away, on the same production location.

What is Etenia™?

Etenia™ applications include dairy products and gums

Etenia™ is an E-number free enzymatically treated potato starch and can be declared starch in Europe and maltodextrin in the rest of the world.

Etenia™ offers a new way of texturizing, gelling and thickening products. It creates delicious guilt-free indulgent products and enables major cost-savings in fresh cheese, cream cheese, quark and strained yoghurt.
Etenia is used in foods for example as a gelatine substitute. It makes yoghurt creamy, but can also be used to make wine gums. It is entirely vegetable-based. There is strong demand for this innovative product. Avebe has responded to this by setting up a new production line in the former MILP in Ter Apelkanaal.

Anton Venema, project manager of the Etenia MILP expansion:

“The MILP wasn’t being used much anymore and is already equipped with a spray drier, which will now become part of Etenia’s production line.”
The conversion of the production location started in March 2017.

Anton Venema:

“The first step was to take out the old equipment, and now the new production line is being built. Because it is based on an existing factory situation, we call this a ‘brown field project’. This is as opposed to a ‘green field project’, in which everything is built from scratch.”

“Brown field projects are trickier because they involve more challenges. You have to make sure that everything connects up properly. It’s precisely those challenges that make the project so enjoyable.”

“We’ve made good progress up to now. We expect to have the production line ready on a short notice.”