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Cape Cod® Russet Potato Chips are back!

After ten years Cape Cod® Potato Chips brought back the Cape Cod Russet Potato Chip

April 24, 2018

Cape Cod® Potato Chips just announced the long-awaited return of Cape Cod® Russet Potato Chips.

Premium russet potatoes are sliced and carefully cooked in custom kettles, creating a unique dark, golden potato chip with the familiar hearty crunch of Cape Cod Potato Chips.

Missing from shelves since 2007, consumer demand for the uniquely sweet and buttery crunch of Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips made it a simple choice to reintroduce them more than 10 years later.

Laura Merritt, VP of Marketing Cape Cod Potato Chips:

“We have a special place in our hearts for Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips and are proud to have them back as part of our family of kettle-cooked potato chips.”

“Consumers loved the unique flavor and we still get dozens of calls a week asking where to find them.”

“Russet is our number one fan requested chip, so bringing it back was a no-brainer.”

Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips are made using only three ingredients – premium russet potatoes, vegetable oil and salt. Free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips contain no hydrogenated oils and are non-GMO and gluten-free, creating a delicious snack with the highest quality ingredients.

Cape Cod Potato Chips has been transforming simple ingredients into delicious kettle cooked potato chips since 1980. Made one small batch at a time, sliced thick and cooked at precisely the right temperature, all Cape Cod Potato Chips are made in custom kettles that allow for careful monitoring of flavor, texture and quality that fans crave.

Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips are back...

Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips are available for in the United States for MSRP $3.79 in grocery stores including Publix, Harris Teeter, Stop & Shop, Shaw's, Hannaford and Market Basket, as well as online at