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Dewulf brings new machines and familiar favourites to Potato Europe 2018

Dewulf to bring two new machines and several familiar favourites to Potato Europe 2018

Dewulf Field Loader 240

September 4, 2018
During Potato Europe 2018, Dewulf, full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, will not only present several familiar favourites but also two new machines.

The first new offering is the recently announced Field Loader 240, and efficient transfer combi that excels in ease of use and capacity.

The CP 22 Farmer, a light, mounted 2- row cup planter for potato growers with smaller acreage will also be on display.

Where to watch this equipment at Potato Europe 2018

The CP 22 Farmer, the Structural 30 and the MB 33 will all be on display at the Dewulf stand (GD69).

Visitors are invited to watch the performance of the other mentioned Dewulf machines during the scheduled harvesting and planting demonstrations at Potato Europe 2018.
The following Dewulf machines will be on hand for your inspection in the field or at the company’s stand at Potato Europe ’18:

NEW: Dewulf Field Loader 240

The Dewulf Field Loader 240 is the ideal solution for those who want to clean product efficiently in the field. This compact, stand-alone transfer combi combines a high cleaning capacity with ease of use and product-friendliness.

(Click to enlarge)

New: Dewulf Field Loader 240

With the Field Loader 240 you drastically reduce the amount of soil and waste when transferring in the field.

Aspects that make Dewulf's handy transfer combi a true stand out:

  • suitable for road transport;
  • a 4-piece discharge elevator with an extremely wide swing radius;
  • an inspection table
  • a built-in, super-silent diesel generator.
The bunker floor and the roller unit of the Field Loader 240, familiar from the renowned MH receiving hoppers, ensure good product flow and provide the necessary cleaning.

(Click picture to watch video)

Video impression of the new Dewulf Field Loader 240 in action

The ten cleaning rollers provide a large cleaning capacity. Moreover, the integrated, widely pivoting waste conveyor is easy to fold out to the desired position. This makes it possible to discharge sieved-out soil or waste to a central location alongside the machine.

The machine also has a wide, 4-piece, product-friendly discharge elevator with an extremely wide pivot range of 120° (60 left + 60 right) and a long reach for filling the truck.

NEW: Dewulf potato planter CP 22 Farmer

The new CP 22 Farmer, a mounted 2-row cup planter, is a lighter, less expensive machine than the current CP 22.

Yet this planter nevertheless offers exceptional durability, because it is built on the same strong chassis as the CP 22. The new CP 22 Farmer is mainly intended for smaller row distances (61 -76 cm).

(Click to enlarge)

New: Dewulf potato planter CP22

The CP 22 Farmer offers top class in a compact size. This CP is the best choice for professional potato growers with small or specialised acreage who want to plant with exceptional reliability and precision.

One of the cornerstones of its precision is the unique Miedema planting element found in each CP. Despite its small size, the mounted 2-row planter has a 550 kilogram bunker. Moreover, the CP 22 Farmer only requires a light tractor, which also means less ground pressure during planting.

The machine is very open and accessible, and is therefore very easy to maintain.

Dewulf familiar favourites:

Dewulf planting and storing technology

Dewulf’s range of planting and storing technology will represented at the fair by a trailed Miedema Structural 4000, a Structural 30 and an MB 33.

(Click to enlarge)

Dewulf Potato Planters: Structural 4000, a mounted or trailed 4-row belt planter

The Miedema Structural 4000 is a highly regarded mounted or trailed 4-row belt planter that combines extreme planting precision, a high driving speed (up to 11 km/h) and potato-friendliness.

(Click to enlarge)

Dewulf Potato Planters: Structural 30, a trailed 3-row belt planter

The Structural 30 is a trailed 3-row belt planter that plants 3 rows in a bed as standard. The innovative technology built into this machine helps prevent potatoes from rolling on the belt bed and guarantees a high level of potato-friendliness.

(Click to enlarge)

Dewulf Boxfiller MB 33

The MB 33 is a box filler with a capacity of 40-60 boxes per hour. The MB 33 fills boxes homogeneously and partially in layers by means of a built-in product sensor. The homogeneous filling of the boxes ensures even ventilation in the box, which ensures good potato quality.

Dewulf Potato Harvesters

During the Potato Europe 2018 harvesting demonstrations Dewulf will participate with 3 harvesters: the Torro, the Kwatro and the RF3060.

(Click to enlarge)

Dewulf potato harvesters: the Torro, a light, trailed 2-row sieving harvester

The Torro is the manufacturer's latest sieving harvester, and at Potato Europe it will give its first public field demo.

It is a light, trailed 2-row sieving harvester with special attention for potato-friendliness as well as product quality.

The Torro is unique due to its curved, exceptionally potato-friendly haulm conveyor and the Inclino Master® technology. This system ensures that the harvesting unit remains continuously parallel to the field while the harvester is kept horizontal, which boosts profitability and prevents damage.

Another special feature is that sieving web 1 is hydraulically driven, so the speed is 100% variable.

(Click to enlarge)

Dewulf potato harvesters: the Kwatro, a self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

The Kwatro is a self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester and has been king of the field since its launch in 2010.

The harvester has an 11-tonne bunker and the lowest ground pressure per cm2 in the market.

(Click to enlarge)

Dewulf potato harvesters: the RF3060, a self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester

The RF3060 is a self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester and a familiar face. The RF model of this harvester is equipped with Flexyclean®, a variable bypass system that allows you to have 0 to 100% of your potatoes pass over the axial rollers. That way you always attain the desired product cleaning to accommodate the conditions.
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