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Scotts Precision Manufacturing sold its 500th Evolution Separator

Scotts Precision Manufacturing: 500th Scotts Evolution Separator set for North America

Matt Shaw and Derek Scott, Directors of Scott Precision Manufacturing with an Evolution Separator

December 21, 2018
Scotts Precision Manufacturing is celebrating a significant milestone, having sold its 500th Evolution Separator.

The company, which began manufacturing the Evolution in 2005, took the order earlier this month from Safe-T-Pull Inc.

Based in North Dakota, Safe-T-Pull Inc, which manufactures the Crop Shuttle range of crop carts, placed the order earlier this month through Scott's American partner Harriston Industries.

Scotts expects the latest Evolution to arrive in North America in January, once it has been customised to Safe-T-Pull Inc's requirements.

Derek Scott, managing director of Scotts Precision Manufacturing :

“The Evolution Separator is unique as it uses patented rollers to ensure that clod, dirt, stones, haulm, vines and loose soils are separated from the crop in a way that doesn't damage the crop.”

“This latest machine will be used with potatoes, but the Evolution is equally suitable for handling other produce, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, bell peppers and alliums.”
Derek Scott:

“One of the Evolution's unique selling points is its vast range of customisable options. No two Evolutions are the same.”

“The 500th machine is bespoke to Safe-T-Pull as they've asked us to increase the clearance height above the cleaning roller as they will be putting an incredible amount of potatoes through it in a short space of timeq.”
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Crop Shuttle

Derek Scott:

“We believe that its the Evolution’s versatility and excellent performance in the field that have made it so popular plus they're built to the highest possible standards and backed up with fantastic customer service both in the UK and USA.”
Jacob Kringstad, of Safe-T-Pull Inc, placed the order as he was looking for a versatile separator that could work seamlessly with the Crop Shuttle range of crop carts.

Jacob Kringstad, of Safe-T-Pull Inc:

“We have done projects with Harriston Industries in the past, so when we went looking for someone to partner with on dirt elimination, it was an easy choice.”

“We have heard nothing but positives reviews on the Scott’s Evolution table, we are proud to have purchased the 500th one to have on our Crop Shuttle and eager to watch it perform out in California.”
Since introducing the Evolution, Scotts has not rested on its laurels, enhancing the machine each year by introducing new features and tweaking its proven design. In September this year, Scotts announced three updates to its 2019 Evolution - adding programmable memory roller settings, self-cleaning and new gentle rollers specifically for salad produce.

Scotts Evolutions feature in the majority of grading lines offered by the leading grading line manufacturers as well as being used by farmers and growers around the world as part of their own harvesting configurations.

This latest machine will be the 31st Evolution operating in North America, where since 2000, Scotts has worked closely with Harriston Industries. Located in Minto, ND, Harriston Industries acts as a dealer for Scotts but also has the capabilities to manufacture Evolutions under licence and service existing machines.

Thomas Sitzer, Sales and Design Engineer at Harriston Industries:

“The Evolution Table is unique in America. It is both efficient and reliable and can be incorporated on any Clodhopper or eliminator.”

“We have been very impressed with the versatility and gentleness of the Evolution Table. Adjustments can be made to have this table perform well in any conditions.”

“It has certainly been gaining more and more interest as farmers are looking to make up for labor shortages with more efficient machinery.”
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Harriston Industries is an agricultural manufacturing plant, with a main concentration on potato equipment.
Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd. is a producerof innovative machinery to service the potato and root crop market from the United Kingdom