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Avebe potato harvesting season starts

Avebe potato harvesting season starts

Following an unpredictable cultivation season, the Avebe production locations have now started up again.

August 29, 2019
Following an unpredictable cultivation season, the Avebe production locations have now started up again (August 23).The first potatoes are ready to be delivered at the locations in Gasselternijveen (NL) and Dallmin (Germany).

The other production locations in Ter Apelkanaal and the German Lüchow will follow in the near future. In the vicinity of the German locations the cooperation also has affiliated members whose potatoes will be processed.

Avebe is assuming a lower starch yield when compared with the average of the past years. However, the final results of the harvest cannot be accurately determined at this point.

Arjan de Rooij, Agri Director of Avebe:

“The growing conditions have varied greatly among our growers. Regionally speaking, there have been considerable differences in terms of rainfall in recent weeks.”

“All the growers had to cope with the drought and high temperatures in the second half of July, but the differences in rainfall and whether or not they have irrigated will make the difference between the various plots.”

“We are seeing plots where growth has stopped but also a large number of plots that still offer potential. The months of August and September are still important growth months, which can influence the total harvest.”
The start of the harvesting season is in line with other years, and will continue until mid-April 2020. During this period, potatoes derived from around 2300 Dutch and German members will be processed into potato starch and potato protein.

In turn, these ingredients are processed by our clients into foodstuffs, industrial applications and animal feed.
Companies in this Article
Avebe is a main manufacturer of potato starch, located in the Netherlands. Avebe sells native and modified potato starch as well as potato protein globally for use in food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries.
AVEBE Dallmin is one of AVEBE's two potato starch factories part of AVEBE's German operations (AVEBE Kartoffelstärkefabrik Prignitz/Wendland GmbH)
AVEBE Gasselternijveen is one of AVEBE's three starch production plants in the Netherlands.