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Dutch Potato Starch cooperative Avebe now 'Royal'

Avebe was awarded the Royal Warrant. From left to right: Sipke Swierstra, Mayor of Veendam, Bert Jansen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Marijke Folkers-in ’t Hout, Chair of the Supervisory Board, Rob van Laerhoven, CFO and René Paas, the Commissioner of the King in the Province of Groningen

Dutch Potato Starch cooperative Avebe can now call itself 'Royal'. In honour of its 100 years anniversary on November 11, the Dutch King, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander awarded Avebe the Royal Warrant.

At a festive symposium on November 14, René Paas, the Commissioner of the King in the Province of Groningen presented the Royal Warrant to Bert Jansen, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Avebe.

The fact that Avebe received the Royal Warrant is a special event for the Provincial Executive of Groningen too.

René Paas:

“You are not the first cooperative to be awarded the Royal Warrant, as ten others went before you. However, Avebe is the first cooperative in Groningen to be given this honour.”
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Impression of the festive symposium at Avebe on November 14, 2019.

Bert Jansen referred to Avebe as a strong and healthy cooperative.

Bert Jansen:

“I’m proud to receive this Royal Warrant on behalf of the cooperative. The crown on one hundred years of working together.”
Marijke Folkers-in ’t Hout, chair of the Supervisory Board, closed the symposium.

Marijke Folkers-in ’t Hout:

“Royal Avebe, it is an honour for those who have worked hard to make Avebe stronger over the past one hundred years.”

100 years of cooperation and innovation

On November 11, 1919, the deed of the potato-starch sales office the Coöperatief Aardappelmeel Verkoop Bureau (AVB) was signed.

From that day, eleven cooperative potato-starch factories sold their potato starch together to ensure they could sell their products better and take a firm stand against the private trade.

Over a period of one hundred years, Avebe has become the global leader in the area of potato starch and protein.

However, the cooperative made its mark on more than just the market for potato starch and protein. By guaranteeing the continuity of starch-potato cultivation, offering members an attractive price, and by being an interesting and good employer who contributes to the continuity of employment, Avebe has made a relevant contribution to the development of the reclaimed peat areas in the North of the Netherlands