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European potato processor expands its production capacity for potato flakes

One of the four drum driers being lifted out of the production space

For a European potato processor, Idaho Steel and Kiremko have built four drum dryers with a total maximum capacity of 4.500 kg potato flakes per hour.

Cooperating partners Kiremko (Netherlands) and Idaho Steel (US) have incorporated the newest technologies and know-how from both partners in to the biggest drum dryers ever built.
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Drum dryers of Idaho Steel and Kiremko on their way to a European potato processor

These larger capacity drum dryers, had components built in Idaho Falls USA whilst the drums were assembled in the Netherlands. The drums allow higher quantities of potato mash to be dried and subsequently milled to flake or powder.

They are part of a complete production line for potato flakes and powder, consisting of sorting, peeling, cutting, blanching, cooling and cooking equipment of Idaho Steel and Kiremko.
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Drum dryers of Idaho Steel and Kiremko being loaded for transport

At the same time these drums were being assembled in the Netherlands a further six were being built for various clients in the USA, quite an achievement, 10 of the biggest drums ever built, delivered in the first half of 2019.

Davis Christensen, director at Idaho Steel:
“These projects demonstrate the level of interest in the latest design of the drum dryer and show that together, we can deliver state-of-the-art turn-key solutions for the potato industry all around the world.”

“For over 23 years, our strong partnership has resulted in innovative products for our customers.”
Andy Gowing, director at Kiremko:
“These drums are an excellent example of the strength of our partnership with Idaho Steel.”

“Together we make unique projects like this. Our combined knowhow and engineering power guide us to leading technology.”
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Drum dryers of Idaho Steel and Kiremko on their way to a European potato processor

Idaho Steel and Kiremko

Idaho Steel and Kiremko have been leading suppliers of food processing equipment around the world for many years. Their partnership started in 1996 and has led to successful projects in all potato processing businesses like fries, formed products, potato chips and potato flakes.

Together the companies meet the requirements of the future and add value for potato processors with a combination of leading engineering technology, innovation and four owned production facilities worldwide.