Utz Quality Foods, LLC. (Courtesy: Business Wire)

Some of the kettle chips by Utz Quality Foods, LLC.

Snack manufacturer Utz Quality Foods, LLC. announced a media campaign today, including the use of regional TV, digital and social platforms, telling of the first-ever “Adventures of The Little Utz® Girl.” Through fifteen and thirty second commercials in a newly animated, contemporary format, The Little Utz® Girl will come alive and jump off the package which has been her home for nearly 100 years.

The Little Utz Girl, an icon who stands as the embodiment of all things honest and good for Utz®, was “born” without a name in the 1920’s when founders William (Bill) and Salie Utz began making and selling their delicious potato chips in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The Adventures of The Little Utz Girl tells of her mischievous spirit and spunky vibe, reminiscent of the Utz® brand today.

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The Little Utz® Girl (Courtesy: Utz Quality Foods, LLC)

In addition to The Little Utz Girl, the campaign introduces a new side-kick “Salty,” her ever present pet cat and sidekick, as well as the young mascot’s parents, founders Bill and Salie Utz. A timeless rendition of Hanover Pennsylvania, the snack food capital of the world, serves as the backdrop of the campaign, while The Little Utz Girl heads out on adventure and shares “the crunch that connects us all.”

Dylan Lissette, Chief Executive Officer, Utz Quality Foods, LLC.:

“The Little Utz Girl represents our nearly 100-year heritage and embodies everything important about Utz. She has a big heart and mischievous spirit too.”

“And above all else, she reminds us that just being yourself, is the funnest adventure of all.”

Created by Doe-Anderson Advertising and animated by Picasso Pictures, the fifteen and thirty second commercials will begin airing on May 20th in Central Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia through TV as well as a range of digital and social media sites.

To view The Little Utz Girl’s Adventure’s go to: https://www.utzsnacks.com/pages/utz/#utzgirl.