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Starch Europe launches new website on starch in food

Starch is the most common carbohydrate in our diet.

Starch is the most common carbohydrate in our diet.

May 21, 2019
Starch Europe, the trade association representing the European starch industry, has launched a new website on starch in food as the organisation celebrates its 60th anniversary campaign.

Starch Europe and their members will be organizing a series of actions throughout the year, as the European starch industry celebrates its long and proud history, and looks forward to a bright future.

Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director of Starch Europe:

“The plant-based ingredients produced by the EU Starch industry come in many varieties with different functions and uses.”

“Thanks to their versatility, these ingredients are widely used by food manufacturers to offer the everyday food that consumers enjoy. This in turn has created an increasing appetite for reliable information about our ingredients.”

Starch in Food now becomes a true digital platform for all stakeholders, including consumers interested in food, with timely fact-based information as well as questions and answers, catering for many different levels of interest.”

“In-depth information on starch-based ingredients, science and media corners for those who want to dig deeper, and a new look and feel all combine to create a reliable source of sound science-based information.”

Questions on Starch in Food?

If you have questions on starch in food, visit https://www.starchinfood.eu, to find answers to questions about starch-based ingredients.
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Starch Europe, until October 15, 2014 called AAF (Association des Amidonniers et Féculiers) is the trade association which represents the interests of the European starch industry both at European and international level.