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Idaho Steel, Reyco and Kiremko: Partners for Decades

Three well-known manufacturers of equipment for the potato industry, three identities, one brand: Idaho Steel, Reyco and Kiremko, Partners for Decades

Three well-known manufacturers of equipment for the potato industry, three identities, one brand. Idaho Steel, Reyco and Kiremko have been strategic partners for decades.


We believe in the success of partnership, with our combined teams we share our know-how. This collaboration is unique and ensures that we can serve the entire world market with state-of-the-art potato processing lines. With production facilities in the Netherlands and the US, we are able to deliver the same quality of innovative equipment to virtually any location.

Together we innovate, design, manufacture and install full process lines from infeed to packaging. Our specialtyisprocessing potatoes into French fries, potato chips, potato flakes, pellet snacks, fresh cut, pre-cooked potato products and formed such as hash browns and other potato specialties. Our success is achieved by working in total co-operation with customers to achieve their specific requirements.

Idaho Steel

Founded in 1918, Idaho Steel is committed to the potato processing business. Their reliable machines are found in most potato processing factories around the world. They supply unrivaled processing lines for the production of formed potato products, fresh mashed potatoes and potato flakes.

Reyco Systems

Established in 1975, REYCO has developed potato processing industry standards including the EcoVac™ water removal and EcoMiser® oil recovery systems. REYCO formed a full partnership with both Idaho Steel and Kiremko nearly 15 years ago whereby they fully license the innovations for their use as well as manufacture and provide their technologies to support mutual customers worldwide.


Kiremko was founded in 1965. Kiremko’s strength is to deliver total solutions in potato processing, from the infeed of the raw product up to the packaging line. They constantly innovate inorder to develop and produce machines that are not only more powerful and efficient, but also low-maintenance and water & energy efficient, without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

Own identity

Each company is unique but our emphasis is on our strength; working together to offer the best in the world to our customers. By improving our own process and knowledge and closely working together we are able to create value for our customers on the highest level. This collaboration for decades is captured in a tri-branded logo.