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Tummers Compact E²E-Condenser reduces nuisance of steam peeling process

Tummers Compact E²E-Condenser reduces nuisance of steam peeling process

Tummers Food Processing Solutions recently developed an innovation that redirects the emission of steam peeling machines, so the energy can be used for other purposes later in the process. This 'E²E-Condenser' thereby puts an end to one of the cons of steam peeling, while it also saves costs and energy.

Steam peeling is the most effective way to peel potatoes and vegetables but due to its emission, it also causes lots of noise, an odor and loss of energy. Tummers' newest innovation minimalizes the loss of energy by condensing and redirecting the steam so the excess energy can be used for blanching or heating cleaning water. Because hereby the steam doesn't escape to the atmosphere, the process also doesn't cause any hear- or smellable emission anymore. 'E²E' therefore stands for 'emission-to-energy'.


The E²E-Condenser is the fourth generation condenser and is developed by Tummers Food Processing Solutions together with the specialists of Solutherm. This model is the first one that does not cause any emission.

In addition, it distinguishes itself from previous models by its lower cost prize and compact size. The machine building company got this compact size done by organizing the space within the condenser more efficient.

Edwin Langbroek, head of sales at Tummers:

“We managed to fit the square condensing plates in a rectangular housing, instead of the regular cylindrical form. By this we saved a lot of space.”

“On the basis of complex calculations, the Dutch Company Solutherm determined the exact amount of condensing plates we needed and the size the corresponding cyclone had to be.”

Emphasis was also given to the back pressure of the system. The exhaust steam flow is designed to be less than a conventional exhaust system, and therefore will have a positive effect to the peeling process.

Customized solution

Tummers' newest innovation is as usual specially designed to fix a customer's problem, and the first system is fully tested at one of Tummers' customers. According to Edwin Langbroek, this customer wanted to expand his business without causing more emission.

Edwin Langbroek:

“The customer did not have enough space on his rooftop to fit any more chimneys, but he especially did not want to bother the local residents. Therefore we are very proud of this particular solution.”



Tummers Food Processing Solutions stands for customized solutions. Thereby, the E²E-condenser fits to every steam peeling line.