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Azerbaijan growing foreign varieties of potatoes

Azerbaijan is growing foreign varieties of potatoes

New foreign varieties of potatoes are grown in Azerbaijan. Samir Verdiyev, a local farmer said he grows potatoes in six districts of the country, delivering only seeds of varieties to Azerbaijan.

Samir Verdiyev, a local farmer:
“Currently, potatoes are planted in six districts on an area of ​​340 hectares. I do not use local varieties, growing only foreign ones, and sell seed potatoes to farmers. The goal is to grow foreign varieties in Azerbaijan. Potatoes are mainly planted in Jalilabad, Shamkir, Tovuz, Agstafa, Gazakh, and Gabala districts.”

“So far, about 50 varieties of seed potatoes have been delivered to Azerbaijan, of which only 14 are planted. The rest did not take root because of the climate.”

“An early-ripening potato variety is planted in Jalilabad district. Harvesting will begin in May. In June, it will cover Shamkir, in July - Tovuz and Agstafa districts. The most productive are the late varieties.”
According to the farmer, in 2020, the yield averaged 42-45 tons per hectare.

Samir Verdiyev:
“The overall yield in the country in 2020 amounted to 25-30 tons per hectare, while our performance was at the level of 42-45 tons. Potato seeds are mainly delivered from Germany, Holland, and Turkey.”