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Grote Company Acquired Precision Food Innovations (PFI)

Grote Company Acquired Precision Food Innovations (PFI)

Grote Company, an industrial food slicing and assembly equipment manufacturer, has acquired Precision Food Innovations (PFI), a manufacturer of sanitary conveying equipment, from Precision, Inc.

As of August 13, 2021, the addition of PFI will further support Grote’s and their fully owned subsidiary Vanmark’s customers in automating their processing lines with sanitary conveying equipment.

Bob Grote CEO of Grote Company:
"The acquisition of Precision Food Innovations greatly enhances our sanitary conveyance capabilities, complimenting the processing equipment offered by our two brands, Grote and Vanmark."

"Their history, expertise, quality, and relentless customer focus dovetails precisely with how our family-run business operates. The additional talent and capacity afforded by PFI’s two operations allow us to deliver more complete solutions to our customers worldwide. I welcome PFI to the ever-growing Grote team."

Key Benefits

  • Fulfills a need from Grote and Vanmark customers for sanitary conveying solutions to connect their renowned processing equipment.
  • Aligns long-standing food processing equipment manufacturers with similar histories and cultures.
  • Advances Grote Company’s global footprint and capability within their food processing customer’s plants and processing lines.
  • Contributes to Grote Company’s growth goals.

PFI’s operations and employee bases in Algona and Pella, Iowa, and San Antonio, Texas will be unchanged as a result of the acquisition. Integration of the businesses will occur over the next several months.