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Macfrut: Romagnoli F.lli and McCain present the new CelaVita ready-to-eat potatoes

Macfrut: Romagnoli F.lli and McCain present the new CelaVita ready-to-eat potatoes

Romagnoli F.lli and McCain, a worldwide leader in the production of frozen potatoes, unveiled two new premium products for the retail channel at the Italian trade show Macfrut – Spicchi al naturale and Mini patate bio – by the CêlaVíta brand, a Dutch company specializing in the production of ready-made fresh potatoes, which has been part of the McCain group since 2012.

These two new products unveiled are in line with the most common food trends among Italians, who increasingly prefer “natural” foods and focus on sustainability and health. Just think of the success of “free-from” diets: 31.4% of Italians choose free-from products (without any sugar, added fats, the use of antibiotics, etc.) (source: Italy Report 2021, Europe).

​This is the conclusion of a process that started a few years ago. In fact, McCain had been studying for some time the possibility of including the production part of CelaVita, a brand acquired in 2012, destined for the retail sector within the Italian market.

The range presented at Macfrut, with the first two references (potato wedges and organic mini-potatoes) is already successfully present in some European retail chains, such as in the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

Massimo Assoni McCain's Manager:
" The two references that we launch, during the presentation conference held last week in Macfrut - are the first two of a line that is intended to be developed for the Italian market."
Made by selecting the most suitable potato varieties for this type of product, CêlaVíta Spicchi al natural and Mini patate bio are ready to use, pre-washed, peeled and 100% cooked, in convenient 425g packs that are easy to heat up and enjoy, meeting the growing need to eat healthy food even when you have little time to spare.

These two new products are made without any additives or preservatives to guarantee the flavor and goodness of high-quality potatoes at their most natural. This is why they have a shelf life of 19-20 days from delivery to the store.

Romagnoli F.lli S.p.A. CEO Giulio Romagnoli:
" The retail channel can now also rely on the high-quality potatoes guaranteed by the CêlaVíta brand. A company with over fifty years of experience in producing fresh ready-made potatoes, for whom we have been the exclusive partner for Italy in the foodservice channel since 2002."

"Just like every other section, the packaged, ready-to-eat range must innovate more and more to meet the growing need to serve good, healthy, and natural products. Products offering high service content must go hand in hand with the ability to ensure the authentic flavor of high-quality raw materials while respecting healthy eating. This is what we guarantee with new CêlaVíta ready-to-eat potatoes."