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Québec Parmentier strengthens its leadership position in the potato industry

Québec Parmentier strengthens its leadership position in the potato industry

Québec Parmentier today announced the acquisition of two potato production companies, Les Fermes Petite Nation and Les Pommes de terre du Témiscamingue, located in the Outaouais and Témiscamingue regions, thus bringing its total annual production to nearly 300 million pounds.

Pierre Chouinard, CEO Québec Parmentier:
"This transaction fits in with Québec Parmentier's sustainable growth plan and is in line with our goal of becoming a leader in the Canadian potato sector, thereby ensuring consistent and dependable supply to our customers all year round."
Québec Parmentier continues its growth

At the same time, Québec Parmentier is pleased to announce that Préval AG and Les Pommes de terre Cardinal have joined the organization as new shareholders. As leaders in their respective fields of activity, they provide complementary expertise to the organization.

Préval AG Inc., North America’s leader in veal production, is also involved in the agricultural sector (veal, beef,lamb, field crops, vegetable crops, grain processing). For its part, Les Pommes de terre Cardinal, a family business since 1952, cultivates 2,000 acres (1,000 of which are potatoes), in addition to owning a packing station.

Kevin Rivard, president of Québec Parmentier:
Québec Parmentier is a story of producers who came together to innovate and redefine potato marketing. We offer solutions that meet the needs of our clients; the well-suited expertise of our two new shareholders will allow us to pursue our mission. This is further proof of the success of our model, of which we are very proud.
About Québec Parmentier

Québec Parmentier is the only potato producer organization in Canada with its own private varietal development program, investing in research and development of new products, producing seed potatoes (TNU, E1, E2, E3, E4 ), as well as producing table potatoes at its own packing station and processing plant.

Founded in 2012, the company brings together more than 25 potato producing families whose mission is to passionately feed the world with products of impeccable quality. In carrying out this mission on a daily basis, Québec Parmentier relies on innovation and attentive listening to its customers and consumers. The company markets its products primarily under the Propur and Mamzells brands.
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