Quebec Parmentier inc.

Potatoes for Processing

QUÉBEC PARMENTIER is the fruit of a dialogue between various links in the potato industry that have come together to form a value chain, thus becoming the gateway to respond to customer requests.

Through our different agreements, producers have access to new varieties to obtain a differentiated product and, thus, greater value added to the product while meeting consumer demand.

QUÉBEC PARMENTIER brings together more than 25 farm families producing seed, table and processing potatoes and potato growers-packers. The production, storage and packaging capacity makes it the largest marketing organization owned by Quebec producers.

We are proud to produce high quality healthy potatoes. It is all the strength, expertise and experience of the members of the group that contribute to the achievement of excellence.

Decisions are always made in accordance with the mission, vision and values ​​of the company. These statements allow a concerted effort and resources to be more competitive and strengthen the producers members of QUÉBEC PARMENTIER .

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Quebec Parmentier inc.
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