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Tong highlights on-farm advancements and labour efficiencies at LAMMA

Tong Monsta Fill box filler

Tong Engineering is looking forward to returning to the NEC Birmingham on 4th & 5th May 2022, to exhibit once again at the UK’s largest farm machinery show LAMMA, on stand 7.668 in Hall 7.

Since the industry last met at LAMMA back in 2020, the leading handing equipment manufacturer has launched several new products and equipment advances. And now, at the re-scheduled LAMMA event, Tong is set to highlight how these latest developments have proved invaluable in ensuring the most efficient post-harvest operations, by minimizing labor requirements whilst maximizing capacity and yield.

One of the company’s latest in-field and on-farm machines, the FieldLoad PRO, offers a dramatic reduction in post-harvest loading times. The FieldLoad PRO receives and cleans crop at high capacities straight from trailers filled by the harvester, ensuring soil and debris is removed from a crop in the field, whilst significantly reducing unnecessary transport of crop from field to farm.

The machine is fully configurable to meet exact requirements and is designed to be extremely versatile; it is suitable for multi-crop use, working effectively on potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Customers can also choose any Tong cleaning unit as part of the machine, including the advanced EasyClean separator available with Auto-Touch HMI controls. The Tong high-speed PU coil cleaning system and star coil cleaning units are also available.

Another recent product launch from Tong which is already transforming post-harvest box filling for growers worldwide, from the UK and Ireland to Australia and the USA, is the new Tong MonstaFill box filler. Built to combine high capacity and gentle box filling, with reduced forklift movements, the MonstaFill box filler ensures a continuous box filling process.

Tong Monsta Fill HIgh Capacity Box Filler

Tong Monsta Fill HIgh Capacity Box Filler

The simple in and out forklift action to remove full boxes and subsequently present empty ones makes for a seamless process; there is no waiting for the forklift and the machine can be easily operated by one forklift. Richard Knighton, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering:
"We are delighted at how the MonstaFill is performing. it is always great to see new products come into their own. One customer in the UK is achieving throughputs of up to 90 tons per hour when using the MonstaFill with our latest FieldLoad PRO-field-loading machine."

"The MonstaFill has transformed their daily throughput capabilities so much that they subsequently ordered a further two MonstaFill machines to advance their potato handling operations even further."
In addition to the latest product launches from Tong, optical sorting advancements are increasingly taking center stage as growers look to reduce the reliance on the workforce to achieve efficient grading and sorting.

Tong prides itself on its experience and expertise in integrating a wide range of optical sorting equipment from best-in-class manufacturers and is looking forward to speaking to vegetable producers at LAMMA to discuss how the new camera technologies can be specified to replace traditional manual sorting facilities for great efficiencies.

Richard Knighton:
"We look forward to seeing farmers and growers from all over the UK at LAMMA to discuss how the latest Tong equipment can maximize the productivity of their handling operations moving forward. We welcome visitors to come and see us on our stand in Hall 7 where they can be sure of a warm welcome with light refreshments."