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FMC trials show great promise for future of weed control

Gareth inspecting the plots

March 29, 2023
With weed control a key challenge for farmers, and reduced sensitivity to some herbicides a continuing problem. New product trials by FMC have demonstrated that effective controls are on the horizon.

According to Gareth Jones, FMC UK technical leader, field trials being run across the country are demonstrating strong performance of the herbicide active, Isoflex™, in what the business hopes will be the final year of testing prior to its authorisation.

Gareth Jones:
"Following a relatively easy autumn trial season in which residual products have generally worked well, Isoflex™ is showing good levels of efficacy, compared to untreated and competitor plots, which gives us real confidence for the future of the active."

"Working with biological systems is complicated and there is inherent variability in field trials depending on a range of factors including weed germination and application timings, but Isoflex™ this season is giving us the good levels of control we expect to see, both on grass and broadleaf weeds."
He adds that FMC will continue to monitor trial sites throughout the season as crops develop.

Gareth Jones walking the trial plots

Gareth Jones:
"We’ll continue to evaluate our trials and look forward to demonstrating them, particularly around heading time in blackgrass trials when the weeds are easily visible above the crop. This will allow us to make informed decisions about the programmes and tank mixes we’ve tested so far this year.."
Background to Isoflex™

Part of the isoxazolidinone family, the new herbicide is set to offer growers operational flexibility and lasting control of weeds, even those with reduced sensitivity to other herbicides. Mr Jones says that the herbicide will be an asset in strategic broadleaf and grass weed control programmes.

Gareth Jones:
"Once available, Isoflex™ will need to be used as part of an integrated weed management approach, and in combination with other chemistry and will offer a new tool for resistance management."

"Based on the results we’ve generated on a range of key broadleaf and grass weed species we believe that Isoflex™ has the potential to be a significant contributor in the autumn residual programme across a wide range of typical agronomic strategies."
FMC is dedicated to bringing practical and sustainable solutions to the market, and will continue to share updates as the Isoflex™ trials progress.
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