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Phil Gusmano - Vice President - Better Made Snack Foods

Phil Gusmano, Vice President of Better Made Snack Foods

January 06, 2023
Phil Gusmano of Better Made Snack Foods will serve as chair of the Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC) in 2023.

Gusmano and Ryan Norton of Walther Farms were elected chair and vice-chair, respectively, during the MPIC meeting in East Lansing on Dec. 15, 2022.

The 2023 list of commissioners include:
  • Phil Gusmano, Detroit (chair)
  • Ryan Norton, Vicksburg (vice-chair)
  • Travis Horkey, Dundee (past chair)
  • Dale Johnson, Sagola
  • Ryan Pelletier, Three Rivers
  • Mike Phillips, Portage
  • Matt Skogman, Foster City
  • Jon Yoder, Sturgis

Michigan ranks among the top eight potato-producing states in the U.S. annually. Michigan produces more chipping potatoes than any other state. Approximately 70% of Michigan-grown potatoes go to the chipping industry, with 20% going to the fresh market, 5% to other processing industries and 5% are seed potatoes.

Phil Gusmano has served as Better Made Snack Foods’ vice president of purchasing since 1996. Better Made, founded in 1930, is located on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit and produces a variety of potato chips, as well as other snack foods.

Phil Gusmano:
"It is an honor and pleasure to be elected to the chairman’s position for the MPIC. I get to serve with great growers and help keep Michigan’s status as the No. 1 chipping potato producer in the country."
Ryan Norton, who will serve as vice-chair of MPIC in 2023, is the operations manager at Walther Farms, which produces chipping, fresh, and seed potatoes at several locations in Michigan.

MPIC was formed in 1970 by the Michigan legislature as the state’s potato research, promotion, and education organization. Kelly Turner is the executive director.
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