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African Potato Association Conference 2016

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The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and the International Potato Center (CIP) will be co-hosting the 10th Triennial Conference of the African Potato Association in Ethiopia. It will be held October 9th to 13th, 2016 in Addis Ababa at the United Nations Conference Center.


The 10th Triennial Conference brings together researchers, development agents and the private sector to exchange experiences and recent research findings on potato and sweetpotato in Africa. The major focus of the international conference will be the potential of potato and sweet potato to address food security and malnutrition in Africa, in particular, the promising contribution of the two crops to rural economic growth in Africa and its promising economic value for farmers and entrepreneurs.


Close to 200 participants including researchers, development practitioners, policy-makers and entrepreneurs are expected to attend the 10th Triennial Conference and exchange knowledge and experiences on potato and sweetpotato. Local and international private sector representatives will have the opportunity to explore potential investment opportunities in potato and sweetpotato-based agribusinesses. The APA Conference will provide room for researchers to present their latest findings, organize panel discussions with various stakeholders to learn from each other – strengthening cooperation amongst themselves to continue the potato and sweetpotato success story in Africa.


Ethiopia is the selected country for the 10th Triennial APA Conference because of the growing role potato and sweetpotato contribute towards its food security. The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research and the International Potato Center have therefore joined hands to host this international event for an expected 200 participants.

This APA 2016 Triennial Conference will give insights on Ethiopian experiences and achievements in the potato and sweet potato sector.

After the 4-day conference, participants are invited to join field visits to selected locations in the country to see various potato and sweetpotato initiatives and their impacts on the ground.

Participants will also appreciate their share of the richness, beauty and history of the country during these trips.