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African Potato Association Conference 2019

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Kigali Convention Centre
KG 2 Roundabout
August 26, 2019 to August 29, 2019
Event Description
The African Potato Association (APA) local organising committee together with the Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) and the International Potato Center (CIP) announces the dates and venue of the 11th triennial conference 2019. The APA conference will be held at the Kigali Convention Center from 26th – 29th August 2019. Delegates should plan to arrive by 15:00 on Sunday the 25th August to be able to participate in the opening event. The 29th of August will be a field day.

This Triennial Conference brings together researchers, development agents and the private sector to exchange experiences and recent research findings on potato and sweet potato in Africa. The major focus of the international conference will be the potential of potato and sweet potato to address food security and malnutrition in Africa, in particular, the promising contribution of the two crops to rural economic growth in Africa and its promising economic value for farmers and entrepreneurs.

This year’s conference will run under the main theme: Leveraging Potato and Sweet potato Contribution to Sustainable, Nutritious Food Systems.

Sub Themes

The sub-themes will include:

  • Theme 1. Increasing Productivity and Nutrition Quality through Breeding and Crop Management

  • Theme 2. Addressing the Seed System Bottleneck

  • Theme 3. Assuring Healthy and Safe Diets in a Changing World

  • Theme 4. Innovating Solutions to Postharvest Management, Processing Technologies, and Marketing Systems

  • Theme 5. Exploiting the Digital Revolution for Technology Delivery, Communication & Advocacy Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Theme 6. Reaching End Users at Scale, Youth, and Gender Engagement
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Kigali Convention Centre
KG 2 Roundabout

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