Variety Name: AngeliqueRights Holder | Breeder: GERMICOPA SACountry of Origin: France FranceYear of of introduction: 2016Parentage: AMANDINE

Angelique is an early potato variety with yellow flesh and a bright skin finish.

  • Excellent eating quality (Group A).
  • High yielding for an early.
  • Very good resistance to common scab.
  • High tuber numbers with a smooth, uniform shape.

Tuber Characteristics

  • Foliage Maturity: Very Early
  • Emergence: Fairly Fast
  • Plant Vigour: Moderate
  • Skin Colour: Yellow
  • Flesh Colour: Pale Yellow
  • Tuber Shape: Long Shape
  • Uniformity: Good
  • Eye Depth: Very Shallow
  • Tuber Size: Small
  • Tuber Set: High


  • Yield Fairly: High
  • Dry Matter Content: Fairly Low (17-18%)
  • Cooking Type: A
  • Disintegration: None
  • After Cooking Darkening: None
  • Fry Colour At Harvest: Medium
  • Storage Ability: Moderate

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