Variety Name: CardinalRights Holder | Breeder: F. BRANDSCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 1972
Cardinal Potatoes are relatively cheap,medium late table variety. Easy to grow and packed with a variety of nutrients. Potatoes are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. These potatoes are chemical free. 

The tubers are oval-elongated, average weight 70-110 g, pink-red color. Excellent taste, light amber flesh color.During heat treatment, the pulp does not darken, the potatoes do not boil over, therefore it is used universally in the household, added to winter salads, made fries and chips.

Tuber Characteristics
  • Primary tuber flesh colour: Cream
  • Tuber eye depth: Shallow
  • Tuber shape: Long to oval
  • Tuber skin colour: Red
  • Tuber skin texture: Rough      

Tubering Characteristics
  • Internal rust spot:Very infrequent
  • Resistance to external damage: Resistant
  • Tuber shape uniformity: to medium
  • Tuber size: Small to medium

  • Resistance to late blight on foliage: Medium
  • Resistance to late blight on tubers: Medium, High to very high
  • Resistance to common scab (Streptomyces scabies): High to very high

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