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Bhatti Agritech

Bhatti Agritech is a leading seed potato producer based in Punjab (India) and it is established in 1965. The company produces 30,000 tonnes of seed potato annually during winter season. Company have there own cold storage facility of approximately 30,000 tons. State-of-the-art gadgets ensure maintenance of requisite temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

The organization has about 400,000 Sq.ft. of covered area to handle seed at pre and post cold store phase. Seed potato produced by Bhatti Agritech is very well positioned and has conspicuous visibility in all potato growing regions in India.

Foreign Seed Potato Varieties which company offered:

Atlantic, Cardinal, Diamant, Hermes, Spunta

Indian Seed Potato Varieties which Company offered:

B-6, Kufri Badshah, Kufri Bahar, Kufri Chandramukhi, Kufri Chipsona I, Kufri Chipsona III, Kufri Himalini, Kufri Jyoti, Kufri Lauvkar, Kufri Pukhraj

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