Kufri Chandramukhi
Variety Name: Kufri ChandramukhiRights Holder | Breeder: Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI)Country of Origin: India IndiaYear of of introduction: 1966
Morphological features
  • Canopy: Semi-compact
  • Stem: Green with red-brown pigment highly scattered throughout
  • Leaflet: Ovate-lanceolate
  • Flower: Red-violet
  • Tuber: White-cream, ovoid with shallow eyes and white flesh
  • Sprout: Red-purple

Agronomic features
  • Adaptability: North Indian plains and plateau
  • Maturity: Early
  • Average yield potential: 200-250 q/ha
  • Storability: Good
  • Reaction to diseases/pests:
    • Early blight: susceptible
    • Late blight: susceptible
    • Charcoal rot: susceptible
    • Wart: susceptible
    • Viruses: susceptible
    • Cyst nematodes: susceptible
  • Consumer and processing quality: Easy to cook, texture floury, flavour mild, free from after-cooking discoloration, suitable for processing also
  • Special attributes: Attractive tubers, excellent taste

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