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Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation System is the second-largest Micro-Irrigation company in the world.

The company started in 1963 with the dealership of tractors, sprinkler systems, PVC pipes and other farm equipment.

Currently, The company has a global presence with 33 manufacturing bases spread over four continents, and products are supplied to 126+ countries with able assistance from 11,000+ dealers and distributors worldwide.

The Micro-Irrigation division manufactures a full range of precision-irrigation products. Jain irrigation provides services from the soil survey, engineering design to agronomic support. It nurtures a sprawling 2300 acre Hi-Tech Agri Institute; a Farm resource R&D, Demo, Training & Extension Centre.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd
  • Jain Plastic Park, NH No.6 Bambhori
    Jalgaon 425001