Red Montiac


Red Montiac
Variety Name: Red MontiacRights Holder | Breeder: J.W. WESTONCountry of Origin: United States United StatesYear of of introduction: 1949
Top-notch mashing potato! Red Pontiac Potato produces solid tubers with thin red skins, shallow eyes and a crisp white flesh. They're also very attractive and flavorful at the new potato stage, so you may want to harvest a few then. Red Pontiac is one of the better performing potato varieties in heavy soils.

It's no wonder this potato is a favorite among home gardeners year after year. This main season variety also stores well, so you can enjoy spuds into the cool months of fall and winter.

Botanical Features
  • Plants: large, slightly spreading; stems thick, prominently angled; nodes slightly reddish purple; wings prominent and double.
  • Leaves: moderately open, medium to large, broadly ovate; midribs reddish purple at the attachment of the primary leaflets.
  • Terminal leaflets: tip obtuse; base partially truncate.
  • Primary leaflets: four pairs.
  • Secondary leaflets: numerous, on the midrib between pairs of primary leaflets and at the junctions of the midrib and petiolules.
  • Flowers: large, light purple with white tips.
  • Tubers: oblong to round; smooth, sometimes netted, red skin; medium deep eyes; white flesh.
  • Sprouts: dark reddish purple.

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