Reveille Russet


Reveille Russet
Variety Name: Reveille RussetRights Holder | Breeder: UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO RESEARCH CENTER, ABERDEENCountry of Origin: United States United StatesYear of of introduction:
This attractive, early-maturing russet potato variety was selected for its wide adaptability including Texas and many other regions in the United States.

Selection was targeted to tolerance of drastic weather conditions, taste, appearance and high marketable-count tubers.

Key Attributes
  • Fresh market russet potato (medium russet skin, white flesh)
  • Excellent culinary qualities, high fresh market merit
  • Uniform tuber size and shape
  • Attractive oblong tubers (larger but not as long as Russet Norkotah)
  • High tolerance to heat stress
  • High yield of marketable tubers
  • Few external defects (fewer culls than Russet Norkotah)
  • Low incidence of external defects (growth cracks and second growth)
  • Low incidence of internal defects (hollow heart, internal heat necrosis)
  • Wide adaptability
  • Medium plant size, medium vine size with violet:white flowers
  • Medium maturity
  • Good (tan) skin-wound healing
  • Resistant to common scab
  • Moderate to high tolerance for shatter and black spot bruise
  • Moderately resistant to Fusarium dry rot and Pectobacterium soft rot
  • Susceptible to PVY, but showing good disease expression (clear mosaic symptoms)
  • Weaknesses – susceptible to Verticillium wilt but higher tolerance than Russet Norkotah, susceptible to golden cyst nematode

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