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Herbort Static Steam Peeler
The Herbort Static Steam Peeler is the ideal solution for peeling large amounts of product like potatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsnip, celeriac, salsify, butternut, etc. This steam peeler is truly unique in its field.
Herbort Inclining Brushing Belt
The Herbort Inclining Brushing Belt is a perfect fit for your steam peeling line. Putting the HIBB after your steam peeler will provide the cleanest possible peeling of your produce. The HIBB is placed in C-form on a slope
Herbort Drum Blancher
The Herbort 96 Drum Blancher is specially designed to blanch different kind of vegetables like potatoes, peas, rice, cauliflower, noodles, fruits (apricots) and many more.
Herbort Universal cutting machine (slices, strips & cubes)
The Herbort cutting machine 122W is most suited for cutting the complete range of root vegetables, e.g. potatoes, carrots, beetroot, celery, also cucumbers, apples, onions, spring cabbage and other fruits into slices, strips or dices.
Herbort Homogenising and mixing machines
With this homogenizer 159C various emulsions, sauces, dressings, soups and other products can be produced at each quality level. These machines are highly suited for the production of homogeneous and dispersion products.
Herbort Mixer
This mixer gently, but thoroughly, mixes frozen vegetables. The drum is fitted with slanted plates. These plates and the rotation of the drum assure an optimal mix of the products.
Herbort Brush washer 815
Brush washer 815 is used to wash and peel fruit, and wash after peeling vegetables like potatoes, carrots, turnips, red beets and celery. Inside the trough, an adjustable screw regulates the product flow or the time the product spends in the machine.
Herbort Brush Peeler
Herbort Brush Peeler 810 is used to remove the peel of carrots and tubers. Together with the peel, other dirt particles are brushed off from the product.
Herbort Tuber washer
Herbort Tuber washer is ideal for pre-cleaning and washing of all root vegetables. For special applications, the drum can be divided into a wet and dry section.
Herbort Destoner
Herbort Destoner is equipped with a vertical screw. This screw helps separate stones and other similar material from the product thanks to the simultaneous washing effect.


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